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Do you want to hit the bull’s eye when it comes to clicks, leads, and improved sales for your online business through Google Ads? If yes, you must speak to one of our Paid Marketing Specialist today. In the strategic meeting we cover
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Reduce your PPC budget, but not results!

Paid search ads are known to increase brand awareness by 80%, and 40% of businesses have decided to invest more in PPC advertising in 2019. Most of your competitors are focusing on PPC more than ever. If you’re not working with the best PPC management company in Bangalore to make the most out of paid ads, you’re losing significant percentage of sales and conversions.

46% of the total clicks are directed towards the top three paid ad positions. Only best of PPC campaigns and efforts can drive your ads to such lucrative positions and get you more clicks and sales.

Clicks & Impressions are good, but conversions are better

We at Web Converts holds expertise in targeted and controlled PPC advertising such that more people find your business. We not only optimize your ad campaigns by studying your business funnel but also make decisions based on the actual data we have.

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Steps for a Successful PPC Strategy

We follow a four-step streamlined process to fetch you amazing results. Each of our steps gets your web pages more clicks, and these clicks generate more revenue for your business. Here’s how we do it.

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1. Study your business

Ads get more clicks and improve sales only when they’re crafted for your business, so we study your business and strategize accordingly.

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2. Analyse your competitors

We study your competitors and study their strengths and weaknesses, and come up with a fool-proof strategy to leave your competitors far behind in the race.

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3. Craft an outcome-based PPC campaign

Once we know your business and gauge your competitors’ PPC efforts, our experts are ready to work to craft a completely outcome-based PPC campaign.

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4. Keep optimizing

Our experts keep assessing what works best at any given moment to make amends so that the ads created are always search engine-friendly and user-friendly.

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Why Web Converts?

Here at Web Converts, our core value is to deliver more than what we promise. We are primarily motivated by the satisfaction of our clients. We put all our efforts to help you, and we’re interested in the final outcome more than anything. This makes us different from every PPC management company in Bangalore that you can think of. That said, here’s why working with us is the best decision.
PPC Management Bangalore

Your sales are our success

We don’t measure our success with how much you invest in us. It is the improvement in your sales through our efforts that add to our success. We’re an outcome-driven company and we’re only satisfied when you’re satisfied. This makes Digitallogica one of the best PPC management companies in Bangalore.

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We have an amazing support team

Our PPC team is there to guide you throughout your journey with us so that you have a complete knowledge of what’s being done for what reason. You can always reach us for any support and we’d be more than happy to help you out.

Transparent digital marketing services in bangalore

We’re transparent

While our PPC team is a bunch of experts, we don’t talk the technical language with our clients. We explain our processes and send you reports that are quite easy to understand. That way, you know how our efforts are contributing to improve CTR and sales for your business. Be there a situation when you don’t understand something pertaining to our services, we’re always there to help you understand.

Let's optimise your conversions, not just clicks .

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Open and Honest Communication

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We ensure:

Open and Honest Communication

Top-Notch Expertise

Process Transparency

Guaranteed Results