“Videos” have lately been added as one of the most contributing factors for Search Engine Optimization, better known as Video SEO. The SEO ranking can be increased by adding a fruitful content of the video with details on it. Earlier, digital marketing was confined to content writing, marketing, and promotions. But nowadays, videos have gradually taken its place as not only it has appended the optimization effort but also added significant value for digital developments. One thing we need to understand is how different video SEO is from usual SEO and how you could optimize video SEO to benefit from indexing and page ranking.

In the present time, video plays a very crucial part to have a decent website page ranking rate and a good quality in-traffic rate in the digital market. Video SEO helps to make your video optimized and rank it on the result pages of the search engine with relevant keywords. With the help of different strategies, you can mark with video on the top rankings. The popularity of video graph has grown exponentially since the past few years. Similarly, video SEO strategy has also been changed, modified, and upgraded. Now, uploading a video on any search engine with few relevant keywords wouldn’t work. It’s vital to have a proper video SEO guide with suitable optimized techniques and many more critical points. Below are a few of the video SEO tips:

1. Title and the description:

Video Marketing Bangalore

The title and description play a crucial role, unlike any other content blog posts. Research says; use meaningful and straightforward keywords that are needed as too many words won’t be helpful. It should be unique, crisp, and catchy. It plays an essential factor in indexing videos on search engines; hence the correct title matters a lot.

2. Post your video on the relevant page:

Video Optimisation in Bangalore

A video should be on a particular page of a website that should be relevant to its content. Like if you have a fashion garment website, then instead of having generic videos, specific will be beneficial. Also, every page must be SEO enabled; otherwise, video rankings wouldn’t come up. It should be a combination of both.

3. Choose the right hosting platform:

Before uploading any video, little research is necessary for selecting the right hosting platform. If your objective isn’t about generating traffic on your website, rather more publicity & promotion for your product, then go for Vimeo, YouTube, Vidyard, Wistia, Uscreen and other video hosted sites where you can upload the videos. YouTube video SEO seems to be very helpful in this regard. Again, if your purpose is drawing more traffic along with conversations and feedback on your website then select those platforms having these features. So, for good ranking, the right platform is essential. YouTube video SEO best practice proves to be supportive.

4. Video transcript:

Video SEO Bangalore

To have text along with the video is known as a video transcript. Having such features in a video makes it accessible to the audience on a larger scale. It helps to watch without disturbing others as the person who is watching the video can read the text by keeping the volume down. Also, these texts appeal and attract more to a search engine while doing indexing.

5. Thumbnail images:

Video Optimisation Bangalore

Thumbnail is more critical than the title of the video as based on this, people will decide whether to click into the video or not. The thumbnail image should be beautiful and relevant to the topic the same as like for any cover of a book or website home page. Studies have shown that thumbnails having a human image get a much higher rating.

6. High-quality video and to the point:

The quality of a video is paramount, and the content within it should be helpful and beneficial to the user. If the video is too lengthy or the quality is not proper, then people wouldn’t waste time to move to the next, this would profoundly affect the ranking as the number of views wouldn’t increase.

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